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Living Proof

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What's great about this, the Living Proof Campaign, from my view strategy-wise is you think about our Vision Statement and we want to re - reinvent healthcare and the healthcare system how it works. And you think about how across the country everybody says that, it's easy to say that in principle and lots of people talk about how they are doing it but what Living Proof is all about is actually showing people this is what that looks like.

Living Proof really brings the value equation to life and it does so in a way that people can understand it, can believe it and most importantly can really feel it. There is no actors, there is no scripts, there is no sound track, there is no studio, it's just real Living Proof.


Give me a hug.

You did it.

Thank you.

Aw, you made it, yeah.

You can see that we are celebrating Nancy's triumph over her struggle with cancer. We delivered that great outcome and we delivered a differentiated experience with the full compassion of the care team at Allegheny Health Network.

63 up to here, plus what do you have there?

22 here.

That's 85.

That's okay.

15 more.

I've got some in there if you need more.

I've got 72, and -.

Wait a minute.

Whatever it says.


Living proof of the difference you can make when you are all for health, Highmark Blue Cross/Blue Shield.

Anybody want a piece cut out?

Our challenge is really to show what quality means. So we talk to consumers, our patients, our members and we ask them what matters most? And what they told us is I need advanced technology, but in the hands of doctors and nurses who listen, who respect me. And they said I need great health outcomes but I need it delivered with compassion and with kindness. And they said I need access but at a time and a place that makes a difference for me and fits into my life. And so what we are doing really when we talk about quality is we are not talking about the facts and the figures, we are actually showing what quality means.

When you think about the strategy and what we are trying to pursue in the Focus Five there it hits all five of the things you can probably see that, the customer part obviously, but what's really fascinating when you think about a couple of the themes, physician led care, delivery transformation you can see the physicians in the front here, you can see how the care is being different because of the great work that they are doing clinically and not just clinically but from a process orientation, a patient experience. You can also see the whole idea of growth that we are driving in the organization because it's clear from these videos that we have a lot of momentum around a lot of different things which is great.

And then when you think about our behaviors and how this ties to that, the core behaviors we've talked about again it hits all four of them, it's not hard to see but there are a couple that I think it really highlights. You also see for sure the leadership aspect and being proactive about setting a different course. It's really nice to see us put our voice and our vision out there in the public in a way that's not about they are good, we are good but this is what we stand for and what we believe in.


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How I wonder what you are.

What do you want to do for dinner tonight?

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Living Proof Campaign

Living Proof showcases the positive impact Highmark Health companies are having on the people we serve — proof that our strategy to reinvent health care is working. Highmark Health leaders, Mike Bennett, executive vice president, chief strategy, and transformation officer, and Cindy Donohoe, senior vice president of marketing, make the connection between Living Proof and progress we're making in executing our strategy.