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Living Proof

Highmark Health and its affiliates are committed to transforming the health care system, because we know that what we do impacts the health, well-being and financial stability of millions of individuals and their families.

The Living Proof campaign brings that commitment to life by showing the impact that getting health care right has on real lives. Using a fresh approach that documents life as it unfolds, the campaign illustrates how Highmark Health and each affiliate make a difference for those we serve by delivering on a value-based, customer-focused strategy.

The Real Measure of Success

For Highmark Health and its affiliates, improving health care access, quality and customer experience is not an abstract goal. We measure success in terms of empowering more people to experience real moments of joy, relief and courage as they take charge of their health and triumph over their health struggles. That's Living Proof.

That focus on the customer is the driving force behind our shared vision, and it impacts every aspect of business operations. We are committed to delivering high-quality care through a valued-based, rather than volume-based, business framework because that helps reduce costs — and extra cost in the health care system impacts every customer through higher premiums and taxes, and higher expenses to employers. When an employer can hire more people because our businesses helped them reduce employee benefits costs, that's Living Proof, too.

Michael Bennett

Chief Strategy Officer Michael Bennett and Chief Marketing Officer Cindy Donohoe discuss how Living Proof brings our strategy to life.

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Living Proof of Getting Health Care Right

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