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Highlights • Visionworks & Davis Vision

Shown: Ayden, age 7, of Moreauville, Louisiana

For Ayden: A much-needed eye exam and glasses

In the fall of 2015, 7-year-old Ayden was having problems with reading and spelling at school, and his grandmother had a strong hunch.


Headquartered in San Antonio, HVHC Inc. and its subsidiaries make up one of the largest vertically integrated optical companies in the United States and are leaders in integrated vision care solutions for the value-seeking customer. HVHC companies offer differentiated products and services through their three businesses, which include national optical retailer Visionworks, managed vision care provider Davis Vision and HVHC Distribution and Manufacturing, the operations arm.

Visionworks is the third largest specialty retail optical chain in the United States and a leading provider of eyewear and eye care services, proudly serving customers through its national network of more than 700 locations in 42 states and the District of Columbia. In 2015, Visionworks sold more than 3 million pairs of eyeglasses to its valued customers, who chose from an average selection of 2,000 frames per store. Visionworks added 56 new locations in 2015 including stores in new markets such as the suburbs of Detroit, Michigan; Raleigh, North Carolina and three of the five boroughs of New York City.

Davis Vision is the third largest provider of comprehensive, managed vision care products and services in the United States. Davis Vision serves over 22 million members and thousands of client organizations. The company offers its members more than 53,000 points of access to vision care. Boasting a 98 percent client retention rate and a 96 percent overall customer satisfaction rate, Davis Vision continues to deliver on its commitment to providing a great customer experience through improved plan designs and ready access to high-quality, fashionable eyewear at the best price.

HVHC Inc. companies operate five U.S.-based manufacturing labs that fabricated over 4.8 million pairs of eyewear in 2015. The companies leverage unique partnerships and expertise within the optical industry, and provide customers with an impeccable suite of lens technology and innovation.

Learn more about the vision organization through the stories included here about 7-year-old Ayden, who benefited from the "Let's Go See" philanthropic program; about Visionworks' and Davis Vision’s support of "Step Out: Walk to Stop Diabetes"; and about a Visionworks customer whose serious health condition was detected through an eye exam.

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Awards & Recognition

HVHC, Visionworks and Davis Vision honored with the "2015 Circle of Care Award"

For their support of the American Diabetes Association’s premier walk event, "Step Out: Walk to Stop Diabetes," HVHC, Visionworks and Davis Vision were honored by the association's San Antonio chapter with the 2015 Circle of Care Award. The vision organizations and their team members supported the walks in 30 markets in 2015 with walking teams, outreach, information and coupons.

Visionworks and Davis Vision testimonials lauded with Addy Award

The American Advertising Federation of San Antonio recognized Visionworks and Davis Vision for their moving, video testimonials about their philanthropic program "Let's Go See." The videos received an Addy Award for online film, video and sound. The awards recognize and reward the creative spirit of excellence in the art of advertising.

Fast Fact

Visionworks continues to grow, now offering customers over 700 retail optical stores in 42 states and the District of Columbia.

Fast Fact

Davis Vision’s year-over-year network growth was 11 percent in 2015, with 53,607 points of vision care access available to members. The company processed over 6 million claims, demonstrating that the members value their benefits.

Fast Fact

Since 2009, Visionworks and Davis Vision have donated more than $10 million in free vision screenings, eye exams and eyeglasses to children.

Fast Fact

HVHC Distribution & Manufacturing fabricated more than 4.8 million pairs of eyeglasses in 2015.

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