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Mobile Clinic on Wheels


Well the real purpose of doing this was just making sure that we could take healthcare out in to underserved areas. We have a lot of members whether it's in our senior population or even on the lines of business that just can't get to the doctor either during normal business hours or because they have some barrier, physically, transportation related; this was really our way to take care into the communities, make it more convenient and more accessible for our membership across the board.

So designing a sort of Mobile Clinic on Wheels, you know this Healthcare on the Go, allows us to take the care to them at times and you know locations that are more convenient, making sure that you get those preventative services, making sure you do those screenings are one of the things that can obviously help you avoid complications later on in your care. So this helps members get ahead of the curve and make sure that they are maintaining their health the right way.

We offer a great variety of services on the unit, it's based on which physicians or clinicians are available. We offer all the basic preventative screenings like wellness visits, preventative exams and annual physicals and then we offer a variety of other services like blood work, urine samples, we can do cholesterol screening, sugar screenings, things like that but we can also offer vaccinations, immunizations, we have the capability of doing digital retinal eye exams and a variety of other services.

I definitely think that it's been very successful. We've had at least a couple dozen events this year where we've been able to get the Mobile Clinic out and setup. This was our first year in the market in this new setup and we've done a lot of learning and a lot of growing as we've gone. Sort of at it's core we need to build great provider relationships and you know find physicians out in our community that are part of our network that want to get out and service the community and have the availability to do it.

The Mobile Clinic is just one more way for us to help service those people that need it the most, it's just one more option. Folks that see doctors more frequently and have more need to get out and get care, this gives us one more vehicle by which we can provide that care.