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Rachel's Story


Rachel's Mother: Rachel loves doing lots of different things. She has lots of hobbies. She loves to play outdoors. She's a soccer player. She also plays piano and she loves to cook.

Rachel: I was experience a lot of headaches. Sometimes the notes they're a little blurry.

Rachel's Mother: So, I started to wonder if there was something that should be checked out with her eyes. If maybe it was something with her vision.

Nine years ago, we had quadruplets. George, Jared, Rachel, and Mikayla. Four years later we had Sarah.

My husband is in the military. He's gone a lot. And I'm a stay at home mom. So, thinking about having five children having to have an eye exam and glasses, it makes things a little tight at times.

The voucher program from Visionworks was a really wonderful blessing. A free eye exam for children and glasses if needed.

Rachel: When I got my glasses, I could read the sheet music better and it made me a better player. I like to play the piano and I want to get good at it because piano makes me happy because I love to listen to music.

Rachel's Mother: To other moms I would say, take advantage of this opportunity. Get your children's eyes checked. Sometimes we don't know what they're seeing because they've always seen that way their whole life and they don't realize the clarity that they could see if they got their eyes checked and if they could wear glasses.

Rachel: My glasses make me very happy because I'm able to see.

Text: 1 in 4 children has a vision problem. Make sure your child gets an annual eye exam. Every child. Every year.