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Financials: Performance

$ in millions Period
December 2019
Cash and cash equivalents $665
Investments 8,448
Accounts receivable 2,768
Property and equipment, net 2,052
Goodwill and other intangible assets, net 198
Other assets 1,307
Total assets $15,438
Liabilities and Net Assets  
Claims outstanding $2,709
Unearned premium revenue 237
Amounts held for others 627
Benefit plan liabilities 387
Debt 1,613
Other liabilities 2,272
Total liabilities $7,845
Total net assets 7,593
Total liabilities and net assets $15,438
$ in millions Period
December 2019
Operating revenue $18,098
Operating Results:  
Health Plan $360
Diversified Businesses 167
Allegheny Health Network 44
HM Health Solutions 4
Corporate, Community Health Contributions & Other (334)
Operating gain $241
Investment income and realized gains $304
Unrealized gain on investments 305
Interest expense (61)
Gain on M&A (net of goodwill impairment) 166
Excess of revenue over expenses before income taxes $955
Income tax provision 131
Excess of revenue over expenses $824
Minority interest (19)
Excess of revenue over expenses attributable to parent $843

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