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Yvette Bright of Independence Blue Cross, Philadelphia

"This new platform offers us greater capabilities," said Yvette.

For Yvette and Independence Blue Cross: A platform to grow on

Independence Blue Cross (IBC) is a leading health insurance provider based in the Philadelphia region. With its affiliates, the company serves over 10 million people in 25 states and the District of Columbia, including 2.5 million people in southeastern Pennsylvania.

IBC aimed to be among the top performing Blue plans in the nation by 2016. To achieve that goal, it undertook several key initiatives. For example, it developed a new "Human Centered Innovation Program" to focus on delivering exceptional health care and coverage. IBC also partnered with HM Health Solutions (HMHS) to build a best-in-class technology platform.

"We knew we needed the right technology and tools to meet the future needs of customers," explained Yvette Bright, executive vice president and chief operating officer of IBC. "We also knew that our operational efficiencies needed to improve with a long-term, stable platform that would grow with us."

In HMHS, IBC found full support and a true partnership. Electing the HMHS Enterprise Solution, IBC transitioned its organization, processes and systems to be more robust and efficient. "In short, this new platform offers us greater capabilities," said Yvette. IBC’s customers are benefitting from a greater choice in products and benefits as well as the reliability and user friendliness of a world-class platform.

Moving forward, the two companies will continue to work as a team to get and keep health care right from an operations and technology perspective. "We’re proud to provide a steady, scalable infrastructure for our partner IBC to grow on," said Dan Holtz, senior vice president, commercial markets, HM Health Solutions. "It's our privilege to help them deliver the best health care experience available to their customers."

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