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It's people who drive progress: an investment in talent

After a national search, HM Insurance Group brought in experienced stop loss leader Tom Doran as its new COO.

When Matt Rhenish, HM Insurance Group's previous president and COO, was asked to serve in a new role within the Highmark Health enterprise, the companies within the HM Insurance Group (collectively, HM Insurance Group) used the opportunity to launch a national search to bring in an experienced stop loss leader to help continue to drive progress for the company and its customers. Tom Doran took the helm in May and brought more than 20 years of experience in reinsurance, pricing, reserving, underwriting, actuarial services, and network contracting to the position.

Tom's knowledge and experience as a "numbers guy" are taking the actuarial and underwriting functions to a higher level as analytic capabilities are being expanded to more effectively use data to achieve better outcomes. His dedication to integrity and commitment to delivering value to HM Insurance Group's partners and customers continue to build the foundation for future progress in protecting businesses from the potential financial risk associated with catastrophic health care costs. Part of that foundation is ensuring that the right team is in place at HM Insurance Group.

To help better manage the rising pharmaceutical claims HM Insurance Group continues to see, Tom sought to add in-house pharmaceutical expertise to the company's Claims and Underwriting areas. With high-cost claims and pharmacy prices — particularly specialty pharmaceuticals — on the rise, the goal is to better manage today’s challenges and be prepared for what's in the pipeline for the future.

In November, Dr. Jamie Holowka joined HM Insurance Group as a senior pharmacist to bolster risk evaluation and cost containment capabilities. A Doctor of Pharmacy with extensive experience with quality, cost management and efficiency, Jamie brings pharmaceutical expertise to the HM Insurance Group table.

Building a team of experts who are relentless in the pursuit of excellence enables HM Insurance Group to deliver smarter solutions, better performance, and unparalleled support in guarding the financial health of the company's policyholders.