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Setting students up for success through Let's Go See

Zenaida is excelling in school again thanks to a Let's Go See voucher that helped her get an eye exam and pair of glasses.

Did you know that 1 in 4 school-aged children in the United States has a vision problem? If left untreated, vision problems can affect learning ability, personality, and adjustments in school. That's why each year, Visionworks pledges to donate eye exams and glasses to children in need through the Let's Go See program.

In 2017, Visionworks donated 14,287 vouchers for eye exams and glasses to children and organizations in need. Children can be nominated to receive a voucher by parents, teachers, coaches, family, and friends — and the program has generated many inspiring stories since it was founded by Visionworks and Davis Vision in 2015.

In Detroit, Gwendolyn Williams, a fourth grade teacher, noticed that her student, Bryon, had broken glasses that made it difficult for him to see in the classroom. Knowing that expenses were a challenge, she tried to get his glasses on her own, but soon learned that her vision coverage could not be used on a child who was not her dependent. However, associates at the Macomb Visionworks location pointed her to the Let's Go See program. She nominated Bryon. And as a result he got an eye exam, a new pair of glasses that he loves, and a big boost in being able to see and succeed in his classes.

In Chicago, Elsa Rivera noticed that her daughter, Zenaida, was falling behind in school and not completing assignments. She wondered if vision problems might be a cause. After hearing about Let's Go See, she nominated her daughter and was granted a voucher. She took Zenaida to her local Visionworks for an eye exam. Sure enough, Zenaida needed glasses. The voucher allowed her to pick out navy frames that she now wears proudly every day — and Elsa says Zenaida is now excelling in school again.

Stories like these are living proof of the positive impact the Let's Go See program has for our communities and children. Prescription eyewear can be a deciding factor in whether or not a child is successful in the classroom and in life. Visionworks is committed to continuing to make sure children in need can get that eyewear — and to continuing to raise awareness of the importance of annual eye exams for all children. If you know a child, school, or organization in need, please visit to nominate them for a comprehensive eye exam and pair of glasses.