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Partners share success stories

HMHS' Platform, processes, and experienced people make all the difference (left to right: Kat Gesh-Wilson, Gateway Health Plan, and Alycia Sepe, HMHS).

In 2017, health plan partners making their journey onto the HM Health Solutions (HMHS) Platform, the Enterprise Health Solution, included separate health plans in North Dakota and Wyoming as well as Gateway Health Plan. Drawing on a legacy of more than 75 years of health plan payer experience, HMHS offers not only the Platform but also the processes and people that set it apart. Reflections from HMHS customers tell that story.

HMHS health plan partners benefit from many investments and upgrades on the Platform that they could not achieve individually. Stacie Heiden, executive vice president, Strategic Development and Health Delivery for a health plan in North Dakota, shared, "This opportunity with HMHS gives us the ability to remain a North Dakota-owned and operated health plan, offering our members the capabilities, tools, and services of a 10-million-member health plan."

Transitioning onto the Platform is a process that can bring considerable organizational change while health plan partners continue to service their members. "Partnering with HMHS meant breaking down organizational barriers to success, driving transformational change, and developing strong performing teams," commented Kat Gesh-Wilson, senior vice president and chief operations officer with Gateway Health Plan. "These achievements will ensure we are able to achieve optimal operational efficiency, and most importantly, service our customers."

Each health plan partner has an experienced support team of HMHS staff, many of whom work at the customer's site. Connie Trowbridge, vice president of strategy and transformation with a Wyoming health plan, remarked, "HMHS has proved to be the partner we had hoped they would be. They have put seasoned, dedicated individuals on the ground, and their program team has consistently met all the commitments they made during our partner selection process."

HMHS' unique formula of "platform, process, and people" helps health plan partners save costs and achieve member and revenue growth.