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Ryan Smith, vice president client executive

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Mick Malec

Mick Malec talks with Joyce Bender about diversity and inclusion and HMHS' commitment to employees with disabilities


Headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, HM Health Solutions Inc. (HMHS), a wholly owned subsidiary of Highmark Health, delivers solutions to health plan payers to administer business more efficiently and effectively in a competitive and ever-changing market. HMHS' product is the Enterprise Health Solution Platform.

In 2020, HMHS provided services to 12 health plans and served more than 10 million members. Health plans already using the Enterprise Health Solution include Highmark health plans in three states, AmeriHealth Pennsylvania, AmeriHealth New Jersey, leading health insurance companies in the Philadelphia region, and other health plans that serve members in various states, including Minnesota, North Dakota, and Wyoming. The Enterprise Health Solution supports every health care line of business. This allows health plan customers to use one platform for all lines of business, saving costs as well as opening the door to markets that may have previously gone untapped.


HMHS serviced more than 10 million members of separate health plans via the Enterprise Health Solution.

HMHS supports all lines of health care business: national, large/small group, individual, ACA, Medicaid, and Medicare Advantage.

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