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Highlights: Helion

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Headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Helion is an independent company that provides post-acute network management services for Highmark Inc. and its affiliated health plans. Helion delivers solutions to health plan payers to advance health and healing in the home by transforming the network of providers and nurses to optimize outcomes, provide better value, and enhance the customer experience.

The foundation of Helion's strategy is centered on enabling patients to receive care in the least restrictive and most desirable environment, such as the home.

Helion's vision is a future where the home is embraced as the keystone of the care continuum. Its mission is to empower patients, providers and payers to advance health and healing in the home through informed collaboration.

In 2023, Helion provided services in multiple states — which included collaborating with over 3,602 post-acute partners. Helion products and services include a suite of data- and analytic-driven services that bring evidence and insights to the home and community care network. Additionally, it offers a network optimization system that provides a path to true value-based care and optimized network performance. These two key components work together to unlock the potential of home and community care for payers and providers so they can deliver prevention, condition management and healing — helping providers elevate what they do and positively impact the entire care continuum.

Blending innovative technology and clinical solutions for better post-acute outcomes

Helion technology

The Mental Health at Home program has led to significant reductions in depression and anxiety symptoms for health plan members.

Post-acute care is a multidimensional web where a health plan member's health and subsequent care can be very complex, including additional concerns such as mental health needs and/or end-of-life care. Helion understands those complexities and has implemented solutions to address them through technology, data, benefit and clinical levers. Early identification, along with a blended approach to treatment, creates an unparalleled member experience, enhances provider communication and reduces the overall cost of care.

The Helion Arc Technology Platform, a cloud-based portal, streamlines post-acute care delivery and uses proprietary algorithms to identify members earlier in their home health care episode. Based on clinical data from the OASIS assessment, a member could be identified for a potential behavioral, mental health or palliative care need. Helion Arc creates a workflow where the provider can directly refer the member to the appropriate health plan clinical program/solution or network provider to safely meet their needs and for additional support focused on improving quality of life and reducing the risk of avoidable (or future) hospitalizations.

Another example of Helion's commitment to improving the health care experience for members within a home health care episode is the Mental Health at Home program. When a member is identified for potential behavioral health needs in Helion Arc, an electronic referral is sent to the AHN Psychiatry and Behavioral Health Institute for additional follow-up and support with virtual visits. Reported clinical outcomes have shown notable improvements in patients who have completed their treatment goals, resulting in a 79% reduction in depression symptoms and an 80% reduction in anxiety symptoms.

Behind both programs and Helion Arc are teams of Helion associates, plus the network of post-acute providers, who are dedicated to supporting and driving them. From the trusting relationships cultivated by the network performance managers with the providers, to the innovative technology solutions, to the clinical applications, Helion fosters a collaborative effort that enables members to receive the support they need to live better, every day.

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Other Highlights

value-based arrangements

Over 90% of home health agencies in the networks Helion serves are in a value-based arrangement.

87% home health episodes and 80% skilled nursing facility episodes

Approximately 87% of home health episodes and 80% of skilled nursing facility episodes are driven to high-performing networks.

Spotlight: Helion Arc Technology Platform

During a home health care episode, the Helion Arc Technology Platform helps simplify identification and referral of people who have potential behavioral, mental health or palliative care needs.