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Brightening children's futures with vision care now

Thanks to Let's Go See, nine-year-old Rachel Kessler got the eyewear and eye care she needed to succeed.

While general physical checkups are common for children, eye care is often ignored. Many parents are unaware of the importance of regular eye examinations — and some cannot afford eye care.

That's why Visionworks and Davis Vision established Let's Go See, a national effort to raise awareness about the need for children to receive regular, comprehensive eye exams.

Let's Go See annually gives out 10,000 free eye exams and free eyeglasses to children in need. That investment expands access to eye care and information about proper eye health right now — and also strengthens the relationship between the companies and their communities in ways that last well into the future.

Rachel Kessler is one of the children Let's Go See helped in 2016. Rachel is a member of a proud military family with five children, including quadruplets. When Rachel began having trouble in school and suffering from headaches, the Kesslers took their children to an optometrist for an exam. They were told that Rachel and George, two of the quadruplets, needed glasses.

Although their military health insurance covered the eye exams, it did not include glasses. That extra cost was a challenge for the family, but then Michelle, Rachel's mother, learned about the Let's Go See program. She nominated Rachel and George — and both received vouchers for a free comprehensive eye exam and a pair of frames and lenses.

At their free exams, it was found that the original optometrist had misdiagnosed the children. Rachel's prescription was incorrect, and George didn't need glasses at all. With the correct prescription, Visionworks associates helped Rachel find the perfect fit, a pair of bright purple frames. Since receiving her glasses, she has had less trouble in school and no longer suffers from headaches.

Building on the proven ability of the Let's Go See program to help children like Rachel — and the reality that many more families may not be able to afford regular eye care — Visionworks and Davis Vision have increased the program's goal for 2017 by 50 percent. With a new goal of distributing 15,000 vouchers for free eye exams and glasses, Visionworks and Davis Vision are proud to be working toward helping more families than ever before.