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Highlights: HM Insurance Group

A Company You Can Trust


Voiceover Narrator: The health insurance industry is changing. Uncertainty surrounds the Affordable Care Act. Pharmaceutical costs are on the rise. Claims are larger and more frequent. Clients want solutions. And your reputation is on the line.

You want experts working on your business. A financially stronger carrier that knows what your clients need. A partner who understands the importance of your role in providing guidance and confidence.

Who do you trust to:

  • Cover self-funded plans with a solid contract?
  • Pay claims promptly?
  • Provide access to leadership and decision-makers?
  • Guard the financial health of your clients?

HM is among the top stop loss carriers nationally, for a reason.

Natasha Summerville, Marketing Underwriter, HM Insurance Group: We underwrite to pay claims, not to dispute them.

Dan Carlton, Regional Vice President, Stop Loss Sales, HM Insurance Group: What you see is what you get. We have a limited exclusion contract and a reputation for paying claims.

Tom Doran, President, HM Insurance Group: When you work with HM, you can count on our integrity in every transaction. We provide the security of coverage that helps to guard the financial health of our policyholders.

Voiceover Narrator: Learn more about our people and our commitment to quality on the new, where you can find tools and insights for your client conversations.


A Company You Can Trust. When customers choose HM Insurance Group, they can have confidence that their self-funded plan is protected with a solid contract. Experts in the market, we watch the trends and use sound decision-making that demonstrates integrity in every transaction. Watch this short video to learn more about HM Insurance Group's commitment to quality.

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