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Highlights: HM Insurance Group

Candid conversations help to maintain a successful long-term partnership

Juli Williams is known as the "Stop Loss Boss" at a Florida health insurance company that has been providing health insurance to residents of Florida for nearly 75 years. At HM Insurance Group, she's viewed as a trusted partner in guarding the financial health of self-funded groups.

Juli has been with the Florida insurance company for almost 26 years. Twelve years ago, when the organization made the strategic decision to add integrated stop loss insurance for its administrative services only (ASO) groups, Juli was tapped to stand up the stop loss program. That insurance company's longstanding relationship with Highmark opened the door for HM Insurance Group to introduce its stop loss product.

"We started with around $3 million in stop loss business together, and now it's grown to a $52 million block," said Juli. "There are three main reasons that our partnership has been so successful for more than a decade: (1) our shared goals for profitability and compliance; (2) our shared commitment to excellence; and (3) our shared values of respect and integrity — sprinkled with a little imagination when needed."

The trust and commitment to drive results is mutual between HM Insurance Group leaders and Juli and her team.

"I appreciate that we can pick up the phone and openly discuss issues, concerns, and strategies," said Dan Cloyd, regional sales vice president, HM Life Insurance Company. "Together, we are able to address a range of situations relating to health care costs and work to deliver solutions to our shared customers."

At a time when high-cost, catastrophic claims are on the rise, quick and accurate claims payment is essential. "Nobody likes surprises on a high-dollar claim," said Juli. ""So open dialogue from the start is critical."

Juli values the direct access to HM Insurance Group's decision makers. "They can call me, and I can call them," said Juli. "We can be honest with each other, hear each other's concerns, and work toward the best resolution for everyone involved."

Juli Williams is a trusted partner in guarding the financial health of self-funded plans

Juli Williams is a trusted partner in guarding the financial health of self-funded plans


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