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Let's clear the healthiest path.

Let's clear the healthiest path

The path to health should be simple and clear

Just two in five Americans feel confident in choosing health insurance — about one in 10 have proficient health literacy skills. Health information today is too complicated for people to find, understand, and use.

We're committed to meeting people where they are, and helping everyone take the healthiest possible action, every time.

About SMPL

SMPL is Highmark Health’s standard for addressing these health literacy challenges in its communications. It’s all about making care and benefits information easy to understand and use.

The SMPL seal appears on communications from Highmark Health brands that have been reviewed against the SMPL standard. That means they are written to a reading level that the reader can understand, make it clear what the reader should do, and meet other criteria established by experts at the CDC, Center for Plain Language, and other organizations.

It's about simpler experiences and driving better health decisions

Highmark Health is building a world where everyone embraces health. But in today's system, embracing your health can feel intimidating.

That's why we’re building Living Health: it's all about making health more personal, simple, and proactive. It's also why we are going all-in on being a health literate organization and adhering to SMPL best practices in communications with members, patients, customers, and even our own team members.


Highmark Health's SMPL standard makes care and benefits information easy to understand and use.


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