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Community Highlights: Visionworks & Davis Vision


Visionworks and Davis Vision serve the community through Focus on America, their signature philanthropic initiative launched in 2009. This program provides much-needed vision care services to those who may not otherwise receive the care they need. It is well known that proper vision care helps prevent future eye and overall health care problems and is strongly linked to academic success for children. Since the program began, the companies are proud to have reached out to donate more than $10 million in vision products and services.

Through Focus on America more than 10,000 kids have received vision screenings, 5,000 children have received free eye exams and eyeglasses and hundreds of free screening events have occurred at partnering locations throughout the U.S. In addition, funding has been awarded to many nonprofit organizations that conduct research, assist, educate and/or support those with visions concerns such as blindness, vision disorders and diseases that affect vision.

Among Visionworks' and Davis Vision's community highlights for 2014 were providing free screenings, exams and eyeglasses to the children of Philadelphia and Miami and partnering with nonprofit The First Tee to support an additional 14 vision screening events for kids in key markets across the U.S.

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Fast Fact

10 million donated

Since 2009, Visionworks and Davis Vision have donated more than $10 million in free vision screenings, eye exams and eyeglasses to children.

From your eyes

"A student's vision is inextricably linked to all areas of their learning. …"

Dr. Yvonne D. Perry
Holmes Elementary School

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In our words

"Students who are unable to see properly are unable to learn properly. Nearly 25 percent of school-age children have vision problems, making early detection and treatment critical to a child’s development. We believe that everyone should have access to proper eye care and cost should never be an issue."

Celina Burns
Davis Vision