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Business Highlights: United Concordia Dental

Research continues to connect oral and overall health

A smile. It says we are pleased, tickled, humored, in our happy place. It's the universal language of kindness. It's free to share and a great way to brighten someone's day when you do. And for more than 40 years, our job at United Concordia has been to make sure you have a great one, by keeping those smiles shiny and healthy. But today, United Concordia is in the midst of an important transformation. Following the results of our landmark study done in 2012, we discovered a critical connection between dental health and overall wellness that will change who we are — focused on transforming from a dental insurer to a dental wellness company, committed to providing affordable innovative products and personal responsive care, developing partnerships and technologies to connect consumers to the best dental care available. This is who we are — a team of dedicated individuals, each of us driven to help guide our members along their wellness journey, focused on ensuring our members and clients understand that a healthy mouth and a healthy body go hand in hand. It's an important change that will help keep our members healthy, help businesses save millions of dollars in lost productivity and keep United Concordia at the forefront of the industry, impacting lives for the better.