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Community Highlights: United Concordia Dental

United Concordia Dental's mobile app, Chomper Chums®, is a key part of a program with the Philadelphia Zoo that is designed to help children learn about the importance of oral care.

Zoo partnership promotes oral wellness to kids

Have you ever thought about the similarities between building strong teeth in humans and in animals? In 2014, United Concordia Dental teamed up with the Philadelphia Zoo to share ways in which healthy teeth and gums can improve overall wellness in both animals and people.

With United Concordia's Chomper Chums® mobile app, children ages 4-11 can learn how to brush, floss and rinse properly. These daily activities can earn them a free ticket to the Philadelphia Zoo. Children who use the app discover three animal characters — a lion, zebra, and alligator — and two additional characters — a hippo and kangaroo — are introduced on signage throughout the zoo. Every activity highlights the importance of good oral hygiene and nutrition in an entertaining and interactive way.

While at the Zoo, children embark on a scavenger hunt adventure offering them even more incentives to make healthy choices. By visiting the real-life Chomper Chums animals at the Zoo, children can learn about the animals' diets, dental care and how we are similar — or different — from one another. The adventure ends at the KidZooU Chomper Chums kiosk, where children take a short quiz highlighting their new oral wellness knowledge and enter to win a behind-the-scenes experience with one of the Zoo's amazing animals.

Through this three-year-partnership, children and their parents are learning how a healthy mouth can mean a healthier body.