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Business Highlights: HVHC Distribution & Manufacturing

Lab operators inspect backside lens cutting generators

HVHC Distribution & Manufacturing's lab operators inspect backside lens cutting generators to ensure the highest quality lenses for customers.

Labs raise the bar on quality

In a concerted effort to improve overall support of both Visionworks stores and Davis Vision providers, in 2014, HVHC Distribution & Manufacturing's five manufacturing labs embarked on a multi-pronged approach to tackle process improvements, associate engagement, lens technology upgrades and call center enhancements.

All five labs implemented Six-Sigma® process management techniques with the goal to make every prescription lens right the first time, every time. Engaging associates throughout the process and welcoming feedback was the foundation to overall success.

New generation backside coating units with built-in cleaning systems designed to help reduce breakage were added in the lens surfacing fabrication areas. And, the Newtown Square, Pa., facility installed new edging technology, resulting in strong, measurable year-over-year improvements in quality.

One of the biggest improvements has been turnaround time in fabricating eyeglasses for customers, a true hallmark of customer service in the vision care industry. Today, through manufacturing and distribution improvements, a customer can receive eyeglasses in five days or less from the time the glasses are ordered in the retail store.

Shannon Taber, distribution center operations manager, explained, "Having a team that is excited and engaged in a positive work environment — to learn, adjust, do better and be better — it's what we do. Our mission is to 'super serve' our customers."