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Business Highlights: HVHC Distribution & Manufacturing


Engaging associates in problem solving and personal accountability has successfully bolstered productivity, accuracy and customer service.

People recognized in new ways as foundation to success

In an effort to more fully engage HVHC associates in its process and overall success, the organization recently made improvements to its communications processes. It implemented a structured career path with defined levels, certifications and internal training programs. Job openings are posted per these levels to encourage associates to apply and pursue career growth.

Management boards were posted throughout the HVHC organization to share information with all associates pertaining to current performance, direction, and strategy of the departments. These efforts, along with daily huddle meetings, improved the communication process with all associates.

Utilizing innovative, problem-solving techniques that involve all levels of associates, including Kaizen® ("good change" in Japanese) events, HVHC advanced associate engagement. And the adoption of a personal accountability program that promotes an atmosphere of teamwork at all levels has also been met with positive results.

The culmination of all these programs and efforts has been a more highly trained and satisfied workforce; and productivity, accuracy and customer service levels have also improved.

Luis Angel Sanchez, an operations analyst, explained, "It is important to have goals and a sense of direction in anything worthwhile. At HVHC, the message has been that it all starts and ends with the customer. Our leadership team sets this tone and we live by it. Day in and day out, our team's efforts have been motivated by the constant drive towards providing the ultimate customer experience. By keeping the customer first, we have been able to provide innovative ideas and solutions. Although this is not an easy feat in any industry, the challenge is what motivates us, but servicing our customer is what gives us direction in order to continue to be successful."