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Business Highlights: Integrated Delivery Network

New health and wellness pavilion illuminates the future of health care

On October 1, 2014, the community in western Pennsylvania is going to recognize that we have raised the bar in the way health care is delivered in this region.

This is a terrific day for AHN and more importantly, for our community. It truly does bring to this community and to the entire western Pennsylvania area a new concept in the delivery of health care.

This is a game changer in our opinion. The Wexford Health and Wellness Pavilion is really about changing how health care is delivered in the community, keeping people healthy, keeping them out of the hospital where we can and providing best of class care in settings that are convenient for the consumer.

This is a great day for health care, and I'm obviously a resident of this community, and I think this is a game changer in how we are going to deliver care. It's convenient, it's in the community, all the services are under one roof, it's going to be easy for patients, it's truly patient-centric.

And our whole goal is to make it such a unique and special patient experience so that after they leave here they feel that this is the place — Allegheny Health Network is the place where I want to get my health care.

I would be proud to be a patient and a customer here and so we are very grateful. Congratulations and I look forward to all of your success.