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Business Highlights: Visionworks

Eye exam

In select states, Visionworks offers eye exam specials that provide vision care access to more patients.

Eye exams uncover more than poor vision

At Visionworks locations that employ the doctors, the stores ran $19 comprehensive eye exams for several months during 2014, making critical medical evaluations accessible to those without vision coverage.

In the Chicago market, a family brought their daughter in to take advantage of the $19 eye exam offer. They indicated they couldn't have afforded it otherwise. During the exam, the Visionworks doctor discovered the girl had critical health issues that needed immediate attention.

The nine-year-old had been an honor roll student, but was failing several classes during the school year. She told her parents her vision was blurry, but when the parents called public aid, they were told she couldn't be seen for almost two months. Because of the $19 eye exam, they brought her to Visionworks and Dr. Bill Opferman, O.D., discovered she was 20/200 and had severe cataracts. Due to the severity of how she presented, he referred the family to a pediatric ophthalmologist and a pediatrician. "No one realized she couldn't see," said Dr. Opferman. As a result of the referral, it was confirmed she had bilateral advanced cataracts. She underwent implant surgery, and her prognosis is excellent.